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Thread: Best way to buy GMPC

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    i just downloaded the software update, unzipped the .exe with 7zip, and launched the msi file inside. that installed garmin mobile pc with a free trial. there wasnt any maps though, so i had to find those elsewhere (shhh) but its up and working, and 5hz mode works perfectly. much smoother, it really does refresh about 5 times a second.

    garmin mobile pc makes iguidance seem like junk. needless to say i just ordered the software package from garmin, ive gone on long enough with a mediocre gps system.
    now just to figure out how to get an OSK....

    by the way- i read that having a 5hz gps unit will eat up a lot more cpu power because the software is refreshing a lot more. i already notice when i go off course it takes a good 5 seconds or so to re-route.... would this get even worse if i had a 10hz gps receiver? im running a celeron 430 1.8ghz chip btw

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    I only tested it with a 5Hz unit. I don't have a 10Hz unit, so I'm unable to comment.

    A smoother map movement does look more visually appealing, at least it did at first when I tested it. Now I don't much care one way or the other. 5Hz has very little practical benefit, if any, for navigation.

    Don't be too harsh on iGuidance. It is equally as good software as GMPC. It may not do anything higher than 1Hz, but it does many other things very well, and perhaps a thing or two even better than GMPC.

    GPS Software

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    i suppose iguidance was a bit better at taking me to places that dont exist... but equal to gmpc? i cant even see one side of that argument. anyway, i also think 5hz helps dramatically... it takes 3 or 4 seconds to get an idea where youre going with 1hz; with 5hz you can see those same amount of frames in just a quick glance. much better for city driving.

    also, the speedometer is actually fairly responsive with 5hz. i could easily use it as a full-time indicator. its not nearly as good with 1hz mode.

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