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Thread: Could i Gut this 2din lcd/dvd plater and put a comp inside

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    Could i Gut this 2din lcd/dvd plater and put a comp inside

    My first post but not new to the forum...been reading for atleast 2 years but saw this product and decided to psot about it.

    I was thinkin of buying one of these (not that exact one just as a reference )and basically gut it and keep the whole shell and screen and install a computer in it. You guys think its doable as far as the way the screen hooks up because im not sure as to how the screen is connected into the whole system. I thought its a pretty good idea as far as it basically being a basic swap out and seems to be fairly easy (like the new infill g4 coming out). Anybody ever own one of these or know how the video source hooks up on them and whether it would be able to connect to a carpc?

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    I think it's possible, but wouldn't be worth the time or expense it would take to pull it off, IMHO. You may feel differently about that.

    Keep in mind that if you retain that screen, you'd be limited to a composite video signal and you'd lose the touchscreen functionality.
    Basically none of the internals (including the DVD player) would be retained, and would have to be replaced with PC components.

    Possible? Yes.
    Practical? Not in the least.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    thanks...answered my question...i wanst sure if it was possible to keep the touchscreen feature and connect to a comp but not worth it

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    I think that it would be worth it if you could find a BROKEN one. Something for really really cheap. THen you can get a 6.5" VGA TS and put it in there. Your only mobo options would be nano-itx and a 2.5" drive with or maybe an external M2 or something setup like a power brick.

    If you can't find a broken one, stay away.

    There have been cases of getting the proprietary TS to work, with a TS controller, but again that takes up space and the controller is ~$50.

    About 1.5 years ago, this was my plan too. The problem is I am cheap, and the components needed were not cheap, so I decided against it. I now have all those components, so... meh.

    Oh, and you would have to do something wacky if it is motorized. Save the hassle and get a non-motorized casing.
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