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Thread: reccomendation for a good PVR hardware for carmp3

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    reccomendation for a good PVR hardware for carmp3

    i want to have a camera mounted. and a good hardware to record the feed into.

    i tried using the pinnacle PVR usb stick HDTV support. it have a composite in.

    but the function isn't very flexible. and the TV lags very bad.

    i have the ITX EN 1.5ghz board.

    is there any other hardware that would be best for my solution?
    i understand for the TV function to work it would need faster than 1.5ghz. but that's if i want to record live tv also. wat about just viewing?

    but mainly i only need to record a feed through composite video. if it have a good tv viewing, not live tv recording would be a good plus

    thanks alot! returning that pinnacle today =\

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    If you go USB put it on the root hub with no other devices. It needs a lot of bandwith, so give it to it.

    If you go firewire, you limit your options, but no problems with the bandwith. You just have to live with the fact that you are using a mac proprietary connection.

    If you go PCI then you have the most choices, but you might want to glue the card in so that it doesn't rattle loose while you are driving.

    To get best results get one with hardware processing. Those are the pricy ones. The cheapo ones are like parasites on your CPU and you don't have much cpu power to begin with. Those cheapos do software processing.

    So which connection format do you want/need, and which do you not want/can't have?
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    i think the hardware processing is the best route then considering the main factor is cpu speed. usb is the connection format.
    do you have any device in mind? i'm gonna look around too

    thanks for the tip.

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