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Thread: Aux input adapter for 94 Acura Integra Factory Radio

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    Aux input adapter for 94 Acura Integra Factory Radio

    My Kenwood CD player broke on me the other day and I ended up putting my factory radio back in its place. I had purchased an Aux input adapter (with a headphone jack) so I could use my iPod in my car. What I want to do is convert the Kenwood connector (13 pin) to the 8 pin CD Changer input on my factory radio. I don't mind if it requires opening up the radio or soldering.

    I would just get a tape adapter or FM transmitter but my tape player doesn't work and my radio doesn't show the station I'm on. (or maybe someone could tell me how to fix the display) I know, my factory radio is pretty ghetto right now but I would like to use this AUX input adapter I have sitting around. Even if someone could point me to a website or something that would show me how to do this. I attached some photos of the connectors if that helps. Thanks in advance.
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    You need an adapter that's specific to your factory headunit.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I found this that shows the pinouts of the factory radio. It looks like the alpine connector is the same as the acura/honda connector except that you reverse pins 2 and 4. Does anybody have a schematic on what pins on the kenwood 13 pin wire I would connect to the the alpine (I would just reverse pins 2 and 4 for the acura/honda connection) 8 pins. Or if it is even possible?

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