Hey guys just a few questions, I've been planning to do this for a while, and now that my baby is coming out of the garage I plan on doing some work (since I got my insurance pay out coming).

The biggest question to me is, do I power my speakers with an amp, or buy a dvd deck? As I see it here are the pros and cons.


Easily accessible front loading CD/DVD
Easier to wire?


Means chopping up a part of the front bezel
Need to track down a decent DVD deck
Not entirely sure how to wire the deck with the carputer/lcd screen



(Need more here)


Will need to tear out existing wiring
More expensive
Might require an alternator

Now, truth be told I'd rather go with something that offers a cabin accessible DVD/CD solution for when my passengers are watching multi dvd movies, it's also easier to configure with my stereo as all I will need is a wiring harness.

I'm confused as to how I'd interface it with everything else though, this is kind of what I want it to look like (shameless ripped from another club RSX user)

Please offer your opinions!