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Thread: 02 Mustang GT color codes

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    02 Mustang GT color codes

    I am trying to install a wire-tunes ipod adapter and i have it all hooked up except i dont know which wires to connect the yellow 12V+ wire and the black 12V- ground wire, i am kinda new at this but i am pretty sure is all i need is the color codes for the cd player. If anyone could help me out i would really appreciate it, it'll save me 50 bucks instead of having to get it installed at a car audio place.

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    The company that makes these stupid ipod adapters neglected to put on their website that it doesnt work with ALL stock mustang systems, just SOME of them. Even though my system is stock, it is an "upgraded package" so it doesnt work with the six CD changers, so if anyone is thinking about using this method for ipod integration I would make sure that you look into it well, but hopefully most of yall are smarter than I am

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    Does this help?
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