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Thread: 12 Volts threw me, LED help!

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    12 Volts threw me, LED help!

    lol well I thought I would try and hook up one of my LEDS to a normal 12 V car battery, to my shocking yet still num arm it lit for a milli secound LOL, I need to know what kinda resistor I need to use with my car battery to use these leds so they wont blow up!

    Also could I hook them up to the accorriers fuse? so that when the car key is turned on the leds will also come on... if this wont work I would like to hook it up to the computer power but would kinda like less wires comming off of that

    basic info about my LEDS:
    Well Defined Spatial Radiation Patterns
    Viewing Angle: 25 degrees
    High Luminous Output
    Color: Red (626nm)
    High Operating Temperature: TJLED = +130 degrees C
    Superior Resistance to Moisture
    T-1 3/4 (5mm) package
    Max Intensity (mcd): 234
    Forward Voltage at 20mA: 1.5 Min, 1.9 Typ, 2.6 Max

    So what kinda resistor do I need? thanks for your time!

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    you need a 470R resistor

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    if you want more light, use 10 leds (if they're rated 1.2volts) in serial..


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