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Thread: whats wrong with my carputer this time :(

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    whats wrong with my carputer this time :(

    well my battery randomly died the other day but i had just bought a new one this year and it was still under warranty so i got a new one free. When the man from AAA came to put it in he had me sit in my car and turn the car on and then off within like 20 sec whlie he was doing some test on my battery. I stupidly wasnt thinking "o hey my carputer isnt turned on all the way i should wait till its on to turn off the car" and turned off my car while my carputer was still booting up. Once the battery was installed i took my carputer inside to update my skin to the latest verion. That night when i was going out and popped my carputer back in and turned on my car i was sad to see that my carputer wouldnt turn on . I think its my p1900 because the red light inside wont turn on. But i have NO idea why it just broke like that, i sat there pondering it forever. I pray someone here can help me.

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    Without any other details, I would suggest that if you think it is the power supply, try a different one. It doesn't have to be another p1900, a regular atx power supply should work. That will at least tell you if the power supply is bad.
    Yeah google!

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    Yeah even if you have to pull out the extension cord for a regular PC PSU, just to test of course

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    well after letting it my p1900 sit for 3 days i tried it again and it works perfect, so i have no idea what was wrong with it but im glad as hell it does

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