Gave up on my car PC installation today. Actually the Lilliput GL701 in-dash LCD touchscreen gave up. The POS would not shut off - the motor drive kept running. Had to pull out the fuse - then decided to pull the plug on the whole thing.

The big problem is that I have a 2006 Nissan 350Z and the only sane way to mount an LCD touchscreen is to replace the factory radio. The Lilliput GL701 seemed like an ideal solution. But this POS has a display that is not visible in daylight. At night it looked OK. The audio quality was also horrible. There was always some background hum. Even after installing a ground loop isolator and grounding the Lilliput and the PC at the same point, the problem would not go away.

The MP3Car C134 computer, GPS receiver, and Streetdeck software all worked great. The only issue is that the C134 is big and bulky. It didn't come with any mounting bracket or other mounting provision so I had to fabricate a mounting plate with rubber shock mounts, as shown in the pictures. BTW, the picture of the Lilliput was shot at dusk in dim lighting - otherwise you wouldn't see anything.

It was nice for a while driving at night and seeing the moving map GPS and being able to listen to an virtually unlimited music library. But there are just no daylight visible LCD touchscreens available that will neatly fit into my dash, and I'm not in the mood to do major surgery on the 350Z console.

I probably would have been better off spending my money on one of the integrated in-dash DVD/GPS units. This whole experiment cost me over $1500. The remaining good hardware is being sold on Ebay if anyone is interested.

In my opinion, car PC systems are not quite ready for prime time. The hardware is too bulky and the displays are not bright daylight readable.

Warning to everyone. The Lilliput GL701 is a real POS. If I hadn't noticed the problem when stopped the car, it would have run my battery down or even worse maybe burned up the car. There is no self timer or even means to shut it off if the motor drive fails. Do not buy this product. It is garbage made in China.