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Thread: What is +5VDUAL?

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    What is +5VDUAL?

    Regarding the instructions above for my VIA Epia EN15000:

    First, I do not have a case. I am making my own.
    Second, I have only built a handful of systems, none in cars and none recently.

    These instructions have me a bit confused. Please clarify if you can.

    On home computers, these connections are normally made with two pin connectors attached to small wires, which makes sense to me. Taking pin 6, the PW_BN, for example; the only two pins next to it are pin 4, HD_LED. That doesn't make sense. Pin 5, -PLED, doesn't make sense either. This leaves pin 8, GND which does make sense. That would lead me to believe that they are all connected down the rows, pin 2 and 4, pins 6 and 8, etc. However, that leaves the speaker with only one wire. Also, I simply don't know what +5VDUAL even means.

    As you can see the instructions tell you helpful things like the reset button resets the computer, but nothing about how to connect it.

    This should be childs play for you computer guys. I'd appreciate something like, pin 6 goes to one side of your power switch and pin 8 goes to the other. Pins 1 and 3 go to the flux capacitor and can be hooked up in either order since they are differential, etc.

    Thank you.

    Oh, and by the bye, I already figured out pins 9, 11 and 15, all on my own. Proud?

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    Pin Assignments

    Hey Profozone,

    I have the equivalent EN12000EG and I agree that the F_PANEL connector could be defined a little better. In any case, a quick google search and I've come up with the following pin assignments:

    01 Power LED +
    03 Power LED +
    05 Power LED -

    07 Speaker +
    09 NC
    11 NC
    13 Speaker -

    15 NC

    02 Hard Disk LED +
    04 Hard Disk LED -

    06 Power Button +
    08 Power Button -

    10 Reset Switch +
    12 Reset Switch -

    14 Sleep LED +
    16 Sleep LED -

    Hope that helps.



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    That's excellent. Thank you very much for your response.


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