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Thread: M10000 boot loop problem

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    M10000 boot loop problem


    sorry for my english but i will try...

    the problem i have is when turn on M10000 the fan spin for one sec and stop and again spin for one sec and stop,at the speakers you can hear "tik...tik...tik...),the 7" monitor flash the same time also the green light from the gps blink in the same time.this loop keep going untill i turn the M10000 off.

    in the morning when i first time turn ON the engine the M10000 start at once and evrything working just great but when driving like 5 min or 2H ,park the car,turn off the engine and again turn it on the M10000 wont start unless the car "rest" few hours.

    i have the M1-ATX ,cheak the voltage and got 12v when engine off,when engine run i get little more than the big connector(molex?) i get plus 5v and at other pin i get minus 5v,in the other pins there is no voltage.

    i even change the M1-ATX with a new one and the same problem.(but didnt change the big connector from the M1-ATX to the M10000)

    hope someone can help with this strange issu.


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    solve it!.

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