I have a couple of glitches with my Carputer that just stop it being 100% reliable/friendly...

I have a Via EPIA M10000... Now I have solved some video corruption issues i was having a little while back by changing the RAM (RAM was fine just must not have been compatible with the M10K (which i have read is a bit picky))

Now the problems I am having are:
Sometimes the Bluetooth Dongle doesn't "wakeup" after resume and i have to unplug it and then replug it in and then it works... It doesn't happen everytime just sometimes (and its annoying cause it means i have stop (when i realise thats the problem) and then reach under my seat unplug-replug and then bingo off it works again)

The 2nd problem is sometimes on power on (fresh reboot) the touchscreen doesn't pick up and if i unplug it and then replug it in i get USB device not recognised... But i am pretty sure (not 100%) when i plug a normal KB and Mouse in and then reboot it again the screen will work... ?????

The 3rd problem is i have a DWW700M (Digital World Wide Motorised in-dash 7" screen), that sometimes remembers its last postion and then other times it doesn't and will fold right back folding hard against the dash (worried that it will wear the gears out if it keeps doing this)... It seems to be only certain angles that it remembers...???

The last one is just a question, is it possible to make the screen auto fold out on power up?