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Thread: Stereo Aux-In

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    Question Stereo Aux-In

    Hi. I'm thinking about upgrading my standard car stereo to a new one with Aux-in plugs on the back of it.

    Hopefully, I should be able to connect my carputer's soundcard directly to the Aux-in.

    I was wondering, how does the stereo know when to use the signal from the Aux-in? I mean, is it possible for my carputer to be connected to the Aux-in at all times, but still use the standard radio/CD when the carputer is on? Do you select what input is used on the head-unit? Or are the sounds merged together?

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

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    On my stereo, I use the source (sometimes labeled 'SRC' to select the Aux-In.. Jump from tuner to cd or to aux.
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