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Thread: advice needed

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    advice needed

    hi to you all.

    i bought a new pc and took the old one to bits. im curious though. iv always wanted to put a pc in my car but a few things puzzle me. my motherboard has built in sound and video card as it was bought from the company TIME and its 550mhz cpu with 280mb ram. i also have a 40gig hard drive i used. and my old psu broke and i bought a new one that ran off my mains (240v UK PLUG)

    im curious i have these parts but how can i implement them to my car? i knowi need a touch screen, but the things that bother me is power supply and start up and shut down, and regulation as i dont wantto lose any function with my car.

    2003 Ford Fiesta

    can anyone give me advice?



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    You do have the makings of a carputer. Spend some time reading this: then a lot of stuff will come clear.

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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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