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Thread: no power with 2.5" hdd

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    no power with 2.5" hdd

    my problem is exactly that, when i have the hdd connected to power and switch the computer on nothing happens, cpu fan only twitches. i have tried another hdd, 3.5" and boots fine.
    i have a via m10k, 512mb ram, m2 atx, hitachi 2.5" 60gb hdd in a voom pc case.

    is my hdd dead? has anyone had this problem?


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    Even with a dead HDD, it should still boot up. Did you plug it in backwards?

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    Wrong pin config on the back?

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    I agree with Psyrex, it sounds to me like the drive is hooked up backwards. Your power should come in on the end of the drive with no other pins available and your #1 pin should be closest to where your jumper pins are. IF it was hooked up backwards, there is a good chance that the HD is fried.

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