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Thread: need help in Burbank/Los Angeles SoCal

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    need help in Burbank/Los Angeles SoCal

    ok, so the deal is i bought a carputer, the person who i bought the carputer from built and installed everything for me. since then, we had our differences and now we don't talk at all anymore.

    now i've been having problems lately and i found out that he half assed half of the install.

    i would like to get some help or hire someone to clean up this mess. first of all, he had the power connected straight to the battery with separate wire and he just used electrical tape, i found out that was the problem and i used a wire crimp, problem fixed

    now there's a problem with the unit powering up because of his terribly crappy setup from the sound card to the amps

    now, i am trying to finish my speaker/amp/sub/sub amp setup and i would love to just get the last bit of my project done

    i am willing to pay for help, pay for install, pay for your food while you work, buy you beer while you work, basically, i'm pretty desparate just to get this thing done and over with.

    i have a 2004 subaru wrx and here are the specs

    thermal coated mini itx case
    sp1300 via motherboard 1.3ghz
    pci 1ghz ddr 400 ram
    80gig hd
    atx m2 smart 120watt powersupply
    pioneer slimline dvd read cd r/w

    sound blaster audigy 2nx 24bit dac external soundcard

    liliput 629 screen
    upgrade hatachi touchscreen glass (more points of register)
    42mm cooling fan onto monitor
    wrx specific liliput housing

    microsoft streets and tips navigation
    4 point usb hub
    logictech xbox keyboard that fitss perfectly in the glovebox
    streetdeck software

    Please move this to the right thread if this is not where i am suppose to post this and thanks in advance!
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