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Thread: Zonbu to Roll Out $99 Linux-Based Computer

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    Zonbu to Roll Out $99 Linux-Based Computer

    "There's a cheap computer on the way that undercuts them all, the $99 Zonbu, due this summer in a silent-running form factor that's about the size of a paperback book. It has 4GB of flash memory on board, and automatically backs up a copy of your data online. Besides that $99 purchase price, you'll also pay $12.95 a month (for 25GB,scales up to 100GB for more money) to store its data on the Zonbu servers, giving you the ability to compute anywhere with this tiny device, or access your data from other PCs. If you don't commit to a service plan, the little PC costs $250."

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    I'm totally turned onto this... boots from compact flash, 6 usb ports... fanless... 15watts avg consumtion... vga, onboard audio... 1.2Ghz and 512mb ram... $250 buys it outright, no subscription, etc... it runs on 5V, so you can use the cheapo 5v regulators to survive cranks... no internal hard drive, but it does have 6 usb 2.0 ports... I figure you can swap out the compact flash and attempt a windows install...

    in it's native form it can handle dvd playback and flash streaming, so with proper drivers it should handle a windows install... it runs on a Via C7 processor, so if that compares to the CN boards that VIA makes it would easily support video playback... my fingers are crossed, I am signed up and waiting to hear back from them...

    you can see a video review in Episode 168 of

    reviews at these two pages....

    the $99 and $149 models are "locked down", so no hacking... and of course you have to pay the monthly fees... so the $249 is the cheapest option... which is an awesome price considering I paid about that for my SP13000.
    EPIA SP13000, 512 DDR400, Seagate 300GB, Belkin PCI 802.11g w/external antenna, Holux GM-210 GPS, XM Direct w/ serial, Dlink FM, Opus 120 p\s, Rockford P4004 amp, Xenarc 7" VGA touchscreen custom mounted in double din spot -- see pics and write up here!!

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