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Thread: Hardwired Portable Mp3

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    Hardwired Portable Mp3

    I'm a newb and am looking for some help. I would like to hard wire a portable mp3 player(e250R). Since it's not an ipod, there are no specific adapters I can find. I will transfer the audio with the US Spec box, but need a way to power the mp3 player. My car is a bmw e36 if that helps.

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    Is it an oem or aftermarket stereo you're trying to patch this through?

    EDIT: Some aftermarket stereos have auxiliary inputs (front and/or rear), with an oem deck you may need to get a wireharness to a box that will "broadcast" on a preselected radio station. I'm *not* talking about an fm transmitter.

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    everything is OEM. you're saying if i get an aftermarket deck i can plug the power into the back of there? i'm thinking i would need a usb or cigarette lighter converter, that or figure a way to buy an extra power cord and splice it. i have an idea of what i want to do, just not sure how to do it or get the parts.

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