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Thread: Normal ATX motherboard or mini PC?

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    Normal ATX motherboard or mini PC?

    I have been reading through this forum for ideas and research on my carputer. What is better, a mini pc (i've seen them on some threads), or a regular size motherboard? I would assume that a normal ATX motherboard would have limitless possibilities for upgrades and compatability...etc. and it isnt THAT big. So to those who dont use full size MB, is there something i am missing?? thanks.

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    I think most people look at space limitations.

    If you're going to put it in your trunk and have ample space as well as do more than play MP3's, a micro-atx or full size motherboard can suit you well. Not to mention putting in a decent video card like a Radeon Series or faster more power drives. Trunk installations would allow better airflow versus a din mount or glove box installation.

    If you want to put it in your dashboard, under the seat or glove box like some have, that's when the mini-itx comes into place.

    The other thing with a trunk install, is you can also get some pretty hefty ATX DC-DC power supply's and not worry about having enough power for all those cool gizmo's.

    Just my 2 cents...


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    Main reason is space, I didn't have room for a regular or micro ATX board, and went looking and found the flexATX standard. I plan on having most of my components be external anyway to share with my laptop(s), PDA and servers.


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