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Thread: OBD USB or LPT1 Connectors?

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    OBD-II USB Interface

    I received the following response from Sensolutions. Remember that they are located in Canada, but I have not yet identified aanother manufacturer in the US.
    Quote Originally Posted by Martin from Sensolutions
    Yes we are currently selling OBDII to USB interface adapters. These adapters you can use with your Windows PC and legacy OBDII software by virtue of a virtual com port driver. This should work with generic OBDII software.

    Our USB adapters also work with USB direct port drivers, which Ross-Tech
    uses. This is the preferred method if you need very tight control of your
    data stream timing.

    The reason why it would be hard to find OBDII to USB has likely to do with
    cost (and development time required): Our adapters sell for $60.00 CAD more
    than there equivalent RS232 counter part: $199.99 CAD (~ 146.00 USD)
    The price difference for USB is only a bit more the cost of a seperate adapter. I think I'll get one.

    -Stephen Wilcox
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    There is a four port serial card for sale from It looks like its a PCI card (surfing there now to find out)YUP. And it is windows compliant. It is only 79 USD. If you already have a serial to OBDII cable for serial to your cars interface, this could be your cheapest solution.
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