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Thread: Need Help With Bumper Cover Repair

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    Need Help With Bumper Cover Repair

    I have a 2006 Subaru Forester that I managed to back into a pole in a garage.
    It has a crease on one side up against the bumper support I think. i did not hit it hard. I am looking for instructions on how to remove this bumper cover so I can replace it. I am looking for a supplier of OEM Subaru bumper covers and hope I can get it prepainted. I also need a tailight assembly as it has a small crack in the mounting bracket. Thanks for any into or help you can offer. Thanks.

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    no offence man, but your in the completely wrong forum

    while there are probably a lot of people that could help you, you'd be better off looking in a car repair forum, this is about putting computers into cars

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