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Thread: Using a Pocket PC

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    Using a Pocket PC

    Hello All,

    Wanted to get some suggestions and opinions on how I can utilize a Pocket PC with my existing Carputer setup.

    I did go through and read many posts regarding how people are trying to use the Pocket PC as their main unit.

    I have one lying around and thought to myself, I wonder if I can make some use of it with my setup and thats why I wanted to get some suggestions.

    I have found some software that will allow you to extend the desktop onto the Pocket PC, but I am trying to figure out what would be the best use of it, since it has a small screen.

    The following is my current setup:

    1) 7" in dash motorized LCD
    2) HP Notebook with 1.8g Centrino, 1gb Ram, 120 GB HD.
    3) Hooked upto a docking station.

    And I want to use a Toshiba e355 pocket pc with it somehow. I was thinking maybe strictly use the Pocket PC for navigation perhaps, like MS Streets and Trips, but I still have to find out if this particular Pocket PC is compatible with the GPS unit and all that.

    Another thing I want to find out, I have a Palm Treo 650. Is there anyway to somehow connect the phone to the computer and somehow dial out using the 7" touchscreen or say click on a contact and it dials out?

    Any suggestions and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    Yes, I have searched a quite a bit and am still in the process of researching/searching, but along the way, wanted to get opinions.


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    welcome to the many disaapointed treo 650 owners on the board.

    i can't seem to live without my treo, but sadly, attempts to get it to integrate wit a car pc through various programs have never succeeded.

    many have tried, all have failed

    the most anyone has been able to use it for is a dial up modem.
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