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Thread: audigy 2 nx vs turtle beach roadie?

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    audigy 2 nx vs turtle beach roadie?

    which do you prefer? both are around the same price..

    i played an mp3 cd vs mp3 on my carputer coming out of the onboard CN10000 sound and there was a huge difference...
    I have a headunit (pioneer p880) so i'm only using this to boost output voltage... clean up the lowend etc

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    Get Emu-0404 USB and you will get the best sound with price.

    98 Honda civic
    In-Dash LCD Monitor K-301
    cappuccino EZ3
    256MB PC133
    40GB HD
    Holux GR 213 Sirf Star III GPS
    CNX-P1900 power supply
    Sound Blaster Live USB

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