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Thread: Clicking Noise on Resume from Hibernation

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    Clicking Noise on Resume from Hibernation

    Sometimes when I boot up my PC (resume) when I start the car there is a clicking sound coming from my PC. I'm pretty sure the HD isn't dying because it's been doing this for a while now with no other HD issues. I'm pretty sure it's coming from the HD (what else could be making a clicking noise?), but not sure why it only does it sometimes. It did it yesterday when I turned it on, but not this morning. It continues to click during the resume stage, then stops when it's done loading the hibernation file. Could this be something other than the HD? I just want it to not make noise (obviously) and I don't think it's damaged since it only does it periodically. What do you guys think?
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    Is it like "click click...." or is it more of grinding clicking? The click click one during spin-up is common for HDDs that are failing. This can go on this way for months without any other issue, then one day It'll just die.

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