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Thread: Custom Case - All In One Connector.. Suggestions?

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    Custom Case - All In One Connector.. Suggestions?

    Hi all,

    I'm going to be fabricating a custom case for my car pc (currently a laptop) and on the backplane of the case I'd like to get a single connector and have everything on there, then in the car just have a single connector that fits onto it.
    I've worked out I need around a 20 way connector to get everything wired up.
    Also on the connector in the car I need the cables to exit at 90 degrees so when the connector is fitted (will be vertical) the leads exit the connector downwards into the boot..
    So far I've only managed to come up with the possibility of using a scart connector (, but I don't know if this will be rated enough to carry power etc.. (laptop runs around 15v 5a max)

    Anyone got any suggestions for this? the connector need to be as compact as possible.


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    You could search Molex, Samtec, Tyco/AMP, Digikey, Mouser, etc. for millions of different connectors that would work.

    The datasheet for the connector should tell you how much current each pin can handle. The one in your link didn't though... I would guess around 1A per pin, so power alone would need 5 pins).

    However, I suggest you either start with a real docking station for the laptop, or live with only 2 or 3 cables. With a USB hub and a USB sound-card you should have only Power, USB, and VGA to connect. With a USB VGA-Adapter you could get it down to only 2 (or even USB-only when the laptop is already charged).

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    Nice idea, but do you really need this? It's going to be vunerable to problems, such as, you'll need to turn everything off when you plug it in, because the pins could strike against other pins.

    Nice intentions, bad idea.

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    Do I need it? No.. probably not, but its something I definatley want to attempt anyway.
    At the moment I've got a laptop sat in my boot with the following coming off the back; 2x usb, 1x vga, 1x line out, 1x charger plug, 1x serial - basically it looks a freakin mess! so I'd like to give it a tidy up.
    I'll only ever be plugging it in with everything off anyway so shorting shouldn't be a problem (hopefully!)

    Thanks Newb77 for the pointers on manufacturers for these type of things.. I will have a search around

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    If you do plan to make your own all in one connection, just make sure that you are using the right gauge cable too, small cables don't hold high current well. And the further the distance it goes, to bigger the wire needs to be. Just a caution.

    You're probably better off just using zip ties and tape, and conceal the bulk of the mess inside the case you make for it.
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    How about using an ATX extension? Cut it in half and you've got yourself mating connectors with pigtails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mobes View Post
    How about using an ATX extension? Cut it in half and you've got yourself mating connectors with pigtails.
    Now that is a bloody good idea... why the hell didn't I think of that

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    RS-232 25 pin connectors and cables

    You might consider using a db-25 sub connector. These are relative inexpensive and you can use 25 pin serial cables for the run. I would not put power through these, but are great for running signal lines in the car and provide easy reconnection.

    You can look at my project at to see how I placed a remote control panel in the center console.

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    i would separate the power wires you don't want interference

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