Hi ,
I saw multiple Times on this forum people asking which antenna to build/buy to receive TV in Car .

Here is my "Story"
First I tried to receive TV ( tried it in Cologne (germany) ) with a normal TV dipol antenna ( those which come with the TV )
wich i placed behind the rearwindow:
like this ---------=---------

No success :-( Bad reception and this with a transmitter not far away .

After thinking abit i remembert of my Hamradio 2m/70cm Antenna on my car so i searched my duplexer and seperated the 2m Band (144 MHz) and the 70cmBand ( ~450 MhZ) . I connected the 70cm output to my Carputer and did a channel search - wow my system found more channels than my TV with an indoor antenna (with amplifier) at home.
I tried it also in some regions of germany ( Thuringia ) where the Transmitters are a bit farer away - No Problem
I was really suprised about the good reception - I really didn't expect this !!

So that was my little Story - I think if you are not in the desert you don't really need those globe or caravan etc antennas.

A pic of the antenna and more pics about my install can be found on my page ( see sig ) under pictures

I don't know if it would work for US ( don't know if u have different frequencys for TV ) but it should work for Europe .

So fell free to post your comments *g* - sorry I'm a bit crazy tonight - learning for physic's exam