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Thread: Car2pc in 05 accord with NAvi ? wont work

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    Car2pc in 05 accord with NAvi ? wont work

    Ok i tried to install a full carpc to a friends car today.

    I removed his XM aux and installed the car2pc adapter. We could get sound from the PC but none of the buttons would work. Then after some driver changing i got the CDC > cd changer < to show up and all worked.
    Until i reboot PC then the navi system does nto recognise the car2pc adapter at all.
    Click AUX button on navi unti and the CDC or XM never shows up?

    any ideas please..

    breakdown as follows.
    *2005 accord with navigation
    *installed car2pc adapter into AUX in
    *installed car2pc drivers from CD all shows fine in device manager.
    *no sound and headunit will not even go to AUX or cd changer mode at all?

    I even tried my current working setup from my 07 accord and my car2pc brain in his and still same result...
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    just a thought....

    Honda does those "silent recalls" once in a while to upgrade the ECU and multiplex firmware everytime a car ends up for whatever reason at a Honda authorized service center and based on the VIN they see that it needs to be upgraded for various reasons (i.e.: bugs!). Check with the dealer if it is up to date.

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