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    I am thinking about using this fm modulator.
    Has anyone else used this one. I know that many other people have used fm modulators and have hated them. Have they used cheap ones or good ones. I just bought a new head unit not more than a year ago and really like it. If I were to find the same model year but a better model for not to expensive and be able to sell me head unit then I may switch. I have a panaonic cq-df600U. It has cd changer controls but no one knows how to input my sound using these. The sound goes through rca cables but I can not use those until a cd changer is attacted. Any suggestions please help.

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    Is the changer controled using IP-bus? If yes is the answer then search the forum for the Ip-bus pinouts. Someone as already done it.

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    I have seen this very same modulator on eBay. TONS of people sell this there for less. As for if it is any good or not.... I don't know. I have a generic FM modular (I don't even recall if it has a manufacturers name on it) and I have NO problems with it. Just be sure to install a switch so you can turn it on and off as they usually mess up the regular stations when it is on. M.A.V.I.C. System
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    I am using an Audiovox one that I paid $50.00 Canadian ($33.00 US) brand new. It has a switch and seems to work perfectly fine. It does not introduce too much hiss. I find that it clips some of the higher frequencies a little. Nothing that is not fixable with Winamp's built in EQ.

    Hope this helps.



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