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Thread: Car Environment Temperature vs LCD screen, PC??

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    Question Car Environment Temperature vs LCD screen, PC??

    Anyone here live in extreme climate swings? I am in Canada with temperatures ranging -30 deg Celsius(-22F) to 50+ deg Celsius (122F+). Of course, the 50+ (122F+) means the car internal air temperature in the sun on a 30+ (86F+) day.

    The question is: Does anyone have problems with their LCD screen or PC in these extremes? Most LCD screens indicate an operating temperature of 0 to 40 deg Celsius (32F to 104F).

    Has anyone implemented a temperature sensor and relay to avoid booting or operating their PC/LCD below or above a certain threshold?

    I can easily build a cut-off for this using a radio shack temp guage with sensor alarms and some relays no problem. But I want to know if this is a real issue before proceeding.

    What are your experiences?



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    Nope, I just have A/C in the car. Solves all the problems.
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    I'm in Austin, Tx, so I can't really speak about the low extreme, but my 4" TFT screen has seen no ill effects from heat.

    This is in the same car that melted the casing of a Linksys USB wireless ethernet adapter. I'd guess I've operated it at temperatures over 100F by a good margin, and of course, it's been stored in the car at temperatures you'll never see outside an oven in Canada.

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    I live in florida. When I had my mp3 player set up running a 4x40 LCD , there were a few problems with heat. For instance, it gets up to around 140 inside a car on a hot day, and on those hot days, the screen would turn black . If I left the AC on for a bit , the screen would gradually return to normal


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    I live in Canada. I do not have an LCD screen, but have had no problems running the PC in either the winter, or the summer. In fact, it is 33 degrees out right now, and the computer is running in the car with all the windows closed, directly in the sun. Oh, and I don't have A/C.
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