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Thread: Small Mouse

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    Small Mouse

    I read a thread once about trying to place a mouse in a shift knob, The first thing that came to mind was a mouse like on a laptop. Well seems has it for $9.99

    This state of the art pointing tool work just like a any mouse. Just like the tooucopoint system on many IBM Laptops, this tool gives you the function of a mouse in a compact package. The Micromodule has left and right click buttons and measures 3" x 1-1/4". It has a DB-9 serial connector with a 6 cord, along with a PS/2 adapter. Retail price is $35.

    Manufacturer Part Number: 49-011310-000A

    Would also work nice in a center console install
    Just wanted to throw this out for everyone. Mine is on order

    BTW... Way To Go BGoodman
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    kick ***. Thanks for passing that on


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