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Thread: Which power supply are you using?

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    Which power supply are you using?

    I've been running on an M2 for a while now but I think it has some technical problems. I've read on the board that others have noticed the same kinds of problems with it being inconsistent with startups and shutdowns.

    I'm getting ready to replace it, but wondered if anyone else out there has a similar PC setup to mine and what supply they are running and if it's working well without problems.

    I'm running a full blown mini-ATX system with an athlon 64 3000 CPU. Onboard video, lan, and audio. So it's a bit of a power hog, but the M2 seems to power it fine when it turns on (which at the moment it about 75% of the time. I can get it to turn on if I just hard power the PC a couple times when it's acting up.

    As always, thanks in advance guys.

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    I'm buying the DSATX this week just to get rid of power concerns. It seems the 220w should power most anything and for only $175ish (with brainstem), it seems good.

    The Carnetix P2140 (185w) has a nice gui, and neat features that could allow you to expand over to laptop usage down the road without hacking up the hardware (WOL and USB wake).

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    Opus 150W, easy to wire, and as the hibernate/shudown options. Since I have some huges high/low temperatures peek I need to put it on a switch and wait my car is hot/cold enough to start the comp. Only a precotion mesures...

    No problem with the OPUS 100% working on my banch work and in my car. I also tested the 90W opus, great product but seems like it's not enough for what Im about to run...had to upgrade.

    Only cons with the OPUS is its size, but I been able to find a case to fit PERFECTLY ...will post some pictures this week and finally start my workblog.

    *Motherboard = MII10000 with C3 CPU
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    I think I'm going to have problems with size no matter what since I'm using the M2 and it barely fits in my mini-atx case. I had already resolved myself to having to extend the cables and put the PSU in an external enclosure next to the case so it's not that big of a deal.

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    Running simular system

    i am running an M2 in my system, not a ful blown mini atx, but am using a aopen xcube, running a 80 gig 3.5" pata drive, gig ram, and amd 64 CPU. I have not had any problems in running this setup but i think it is due to my choice of hardware i have installed. Instead of buying a regular 754 pin athalon 64, i bought the low powered (25W) turion chip to plug into this setup. My goal was to build it with as low of a power as possible, while still retaining the best performance i could get. I know from testing my system initially i could get full bootup and running of the system on a 5.0A fuesed. So i know my system is running well below the power level of the M2.

    I did not bother putting a dvd into the computer yet cause i have not needed it yet, as i left the regular power suply in the case as well and when i need to do any magor software work on the comptuer i pull it and bring it inside to update software.

    AMD turion 3200+(25watt version)
    AOpen Xcube case
    80gig IBM PATA drive
    1 gig ddr 400 mushkin ram
    M2 dc-dc power
    10.4" Liluput touch screen.
    ps2 mini usb keyboard
    swiss audio 6 channel amp (100watt per channel RMS)
    pioneer 6.5" (front)
    blitz 6.5" (mid woofers)
    pioneer 6x9 (rear)

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    Had an Opus 120 for about a year...never had a problem. (knock on wood)

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