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Thread: trouble with old pioneer deck

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    Pioneer Deh-p825

    Bringing the thread back

    So I just re-installed my old DEH-P825. It's been in the closet for years.
    I couldn't figure out how to turn on the aux...(needed it for my satellite radio) found this thread.
    I just wanted to re-itterate how to turn it on.

    Hold down the number 7 button while the car is off for 10 seconds.
    Then turn the car on and it will magically appear as a source.

    I spent at least an hour before trying every button combo i could think of.
    Without this thread.. no way i would have figured it out.
    So thanks.

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    Sep 2008

    Need Help!!!

    I just bought the AUX adapter that was on top of the page and need to know how to set my deck to AUX... I read all the above posts, but my deck does not have the number 7... I was wondering if maybe the people who had got it working remember how they did so or if anyone has any other ideas as to how to turn on the AUX that would be great... Please respond and thank you!!!

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