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Thread: 98 Accord hazard switch in 01 Accord problems

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    98 Accord hazard switch in 01 Accord problems

    I bought a dash bezel on ebay so that I could modify and keep my original one in tact. Everything worked out great until I realized that there is a slight difference between the 98-00 Accords and the 01-02 Accords. Mine is an 01.

    Here's a pic:

    Everything fits and plugs right in: heater/AC controls, fan speed, clock are all OK. The one thing that is a problem that I'd never have expected is the hazard switch.

    The hazard switch behaves much differently! It plugs in fine but when you press it it acts like you've switched the ignition to the run position. It's not a problem with the switch - my wife has a 98 Accord and I borrowed her hazard switch. Her switch on my car does the same thing. My "new 98" switch works fine on her car. Man, I was hoping it was just a defective switch. I can't just leave my hazard switch unplugged because my turn signals won't operate without it.

    There's room to connect the original switch and tuck back behind the dash. Wonder if there's a way to splice through the wires so that the 98 switch will only act as an on-off switch to control the hazard lights?

    I guess I could relocate the working hazard switch to the left hand side panel or somewhere else, but I'd like to keep it looking as factory as I can. I don't want to have to tell someone who might be driving it "if you need the flashers you gotta reach over here...".

    Any ideas?

    PS - I've been discussing this over on a Honda board, but no one has offered a solution that works

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    Well, you could try and keep that switch behind the dash and install the other one by splicing the cable and connecting them up. I wouldn't know about the reaction of the system though, so you are doing it at your own risk. The system seems to rely on the internal resistance of the switch, otherwise it wouldn't react in such a weird way. If you put the other one in in parallel it ll change that resistance... and the system :P
    Have you asked a local dealer about this issue? They would know about that sort of thing.

    Btw, I agree that you shouldn't relocate the switch. Its in the middle for a reason .
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