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    Xbox 360

    Rough Plan: Install X-box 360 into a Camper Van.

    Situation: My Acer Ferrari 4005 laptop has died and I'm doing the full tour around Australia (all 17,500km of it)

    Detail Plan: Install Ferrari LCD in fold down compartment in roof. Install X-Box 360 in glove box.

    End result: DVD playback, mp3 playback, playing xbox.

    Constraints: If my car battery dies out in the outback then so will I. 3 months to purchase all parts and make this happen.

    Turbocad, I see you installed an xbox 360 via a car pc into your system. Is an in car pc a necessity would you say?

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    you will never be able to get the 360 in a glove box..... not unless it is heavily air conditioned, and even then you may have issues..... Isnt the outback off road? All those bumps will destroy tons of cds... the xbox is known to eat discs with just one bump of the unit


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