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Thread: VGA signal

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    VGA signal

    It's late and I'm stumped....finishing up the install of my PC and having two issues:

    1. I have a powered USB hub behind the screen in my dash with a USB cable running from the back. I noticed that when the car is off, there is still power coming through USB port on the PC that it makes the hub flicker as well as the access light on the DVD drive, disconnect power from the DSATX and it's fine.

    2. This is more of a bigger issue, I have a Dynamix 8" touchscreen, worked fine in the house, not working in the car. The USB is attached to the power hub and VGA run to the back via extension cable. The screen powers on but says no signal.

    My first install and has gone pretty good thus far. I'm just stumped why all of a sudden it does detect a VGA signal.

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    I was having this same issue..are you using a laptop? if so you probably know the FN + whatever F key to switch the video to output.

    My reason was that my VGA cable was being pinched, and thus having an affect on the vga cable wires, resulting in ...ta signal....check the cable and reconect another vga cable to see if that works.

    Good luck.

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