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Thread: Hassles in carputer land

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    Hassles in carputer land

    This morning I was unpleasently greeted by a dead battery in my car. Again.
    Not happy.
    I guess a little background would be helpfull.

    The way I've hooked up the power to the PC in the trunk is to use a relay between the battery and the PC. The relay is controlled by a rocker switch on the dash. The switch also goes to the remote line of the amp.
    The problem is that I keep forgetting to turn that switch off (to cut the power to the computer, and the amp)
    What had happened last night was that after shutting down the PC, I forgot to flip that switch, so between the amp, the relay holding the contacts closed and the computer power supply, my battery died in 15 hours.

    I could have just taken the easy way out, and hooked up the M1-ATX to the remote line of the amp (and do away with the relay) but I didn't want my battery to be drained by the power supply being on all the time (even with the PC off).

    Maybe I'm making things more complicated for myself...

    What has your experience been with battery being drained by the computer power supply (with the computer turned off)?

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    i use the m2atx and my battery hasn't been drain since day one of my install and that has been 1 and half years. Car start everyday. If you are afraid of battery drain get a Dry Cell battery.

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    have u set the power supply to turn off the usb rail ? afta a set amount of time ??

    when i got my m2atx afta it turns off the pc it was still powering the rail for ever !! and not turning off my USb devices , i had to set the jumper so it does a hard shut down afta 45 secs

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