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Thread: On-board audio on motherboards.

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    On-board audio on motherboards.

    I'm looking at Via Nano MB for my CarPC. Specs say that it has high-def on-board audio.

    FAQ says that for "average" guy high def audio will be just fine. I'm one of those average guys I already built AMP9 from and using it with my iPod. The plan is to have AMP9 is CarPC case.

    Well. I was hoping on being able to control 4 channels from software. As I see also there is 8 channel - only left and right come out of motherboars.

    I guess my question is how do you control front/rear balance from PC? And what all of those 6 channels/8 channels mean if there is only left and right on back panel?

    I was hoping on doing EQ and all aspects of audio filtering/processing in software. I particularly like to filter out lows for my front speakers and filter out highs for rears/subs. Is there software to do that? Driver settings?

    What am I missing?<br /><br />

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    Found similar topic in FAQ. It's about AC codec and how to make 4.1
    In case of VIA M1000 - it could be done with settings when you convert Line-In and Mic-In into additional channels outputs.

    Nothing like this mentioned for Nano-ITC High-dev MB. Is it possible at all?

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