hi all, a while back my desktop comp decided to kill itself (powersupply died, taking mobo with it) so as i was looking around on newegg, i found that the have some pretty decent combo deals. well, one thing led to another, and now not only do i have a new desktop mobo, but i also have a new cpu/mobo/ram for the carputer i ended up going with an athlon x2 3800+ cpu in an ECS socket AM2 mobo, with a gig of pc6400 ram the thing that sold me is that i was looking at some of intel's offerings, and most of the affordable ones seem to be too power hungry, and the amd only needs 65w. i also picked up a wireless playstation 3 keyboard that fits in the palm of my hand, and works perfectly with the comp. now all i need to do is get my subs, an amp, and fiberglass myself sub box/amp and comp rack. i'll be putting the new comp in tommorrow before i go to work, i hope my opus 250 will be able to handle it. i just thought i'd share my progress with everyone.