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Thread: EPIA M-10000 - LPT voltage output = 3.5V !?

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    EPIA M-10000 - LPT voltage output = 3.5V !?

    Hello everybody,

    I found out a strange thing in my LPT output on EPIA M-10000 when I put '1' there. The '1' voltage is about 3.5V but it should be 5V. Did anybody meet this problem - or it's just a normal for EPIA M-10000?

    I use special device that connect the relays .... but it works with 5V ... :-(

    Regards, Alexy

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    I've the same problem, but on ASUS A8NE-FM\S.

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    OK, what happenned under loading condition (I mean via approx. 1K to the ground)?
    Are you sure, that your port is in output mode? (In BIOS you can select the LPT mode, put it into normal, - unidirectional - mode)
    Does the problem still exist?
    Then find the driver IC (directly from the lpt port back). Measure the input Vcc. Measure output voltage.

    If there is no driver IC, you can use a USB->LPT converter.
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    that's not actuall any longer for me because I switched to K8055 Card

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