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Thread: pac audio swi-x steering wheel adapter help needed!

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    pac audio swi-x steering wheel adapter help needed!

    first off please forgive my ignorance! 80 percent of what is discussed on this board goes completely over my head! im not the most mechanically inclined. ok, with that said i was really someone here could help me, im installing a swi-x on a toyota camry 2006 and the vehicle specific instructions are confusing me. it shows a diagram of a plug that is not the same as the toyota wire harness i purchased, and to my knowledge is the only toyota camry wire harness available. on the diagram on the pac audio website it shows a picture of the plug and assigns numbers to the pins. tells me to connect the white wire to pin 7(which i dont know what wire that is because the plug is different) then tells me to attach a 150 ohm resister to pin 8(again, no clue to which wire that is) and connect it to the white wire as well. i know what to do with the red and black wires obviously, but the white wire i do not know where to connect. i suspect the remote amp on wire, however even if this is the wire to connect the toyota harness does not have this wire. my head unit does have this wire. can anyone help?

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    ok. i kind of figured it out. however it leaves me with another question. if i follow the directions precisly then i will be connecting a red wire to the ground chassis. has anyone ever heard of this??? does not sound like a good idea to me, but ive checked the diagram 5 times. the red wire is a toyota wire. the plug is not the main power plug.

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    if you have the correct plug behind the toyota radio you shouldn't worry about the wire color, only the pin location.

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