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Thread: Pros and Cons of using a regular monitor?

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    Pros and Cons of using a regular monitor?

    I was shopping for a 20 inch flip down monitor for the rear seats in my car, but those range from $500.00 to $1,000.00. I do not want to spend that kind of money. Also I dont need all those A/V inputs and volume control, just a simple display.

    What would be the Pros and Cons of using a regular LCD display. I was thinking of making a bracket that could flip the display up and down.

    Was wondering if there is a diffrence between a car display and a standard display. Will bumps and shakes be an issue? Also wouldnt a VGA display look better?

    Would love some input!

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    20 inch?

    Holy crap man, what kind of "car" do you have? Must be an suv or something.......

    Anyways, most car monitors are for VGA, meaning the resolution is pretty fine for displaying text, etc.
    An lcd monitor that you would use to display, for example, a television broadcast, is not as "precise".

    Now, if you only want to display video's on the rear monitor, I don't see an issue.

    Getting it to "flip down" and look halfways intergrated might be a different story........
    As might be to power it.

    Also, that avatar is quite disturbing!

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    generally standard displays are heaviver that the flip downs so you may have to do more to secure it. Plus if it does weight more in case of an accident it wil do mor damage to occupants if it were to come lose.

    20" is fairly large!

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    It depends on what do you want to display for a passenger. A DVD signal is not easy to convert into VGA and vice versa.
    There also could be a problem about the temperature range.
    I suggest to buy a headrest monitor or a larger one that is specially designed for cars (temperature and power supply range is wider, more robust body, resists shocks, does not glare in direct sunshine, etc.).
    When the budget is very low, and the 15' LCD is unavoidable , Choose a model that has an external 12V power supply reducing weight.

    I also made experiments with a model like that, but the main problem was the strong illumination during evening/night drive (my daughter complained about the very high and undimmable brightness - it was at the possible lowest level, of course).

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    Yes it is a SUV a Dodge Durango SLT with 3 rows of seats. When it comes to heat none of the flat panels I have played with, seem to generate little or no heat at all, can also add small PC fans to kill any heat. I looked into intergrating monitors into the seats, but my car has bucket racing style seats and I dont like the idea of cutting into them at all... Any mess up and the whole seat has to be redone. I have seen people that have done it and it looks terriable and its hard to see if the front passenger has the seat angled in a odd way (you know how young people have to have the back of the seat almost to the back of the floor). The second row has the adjustable headrests, but im concerned about the flip feature (pull a switch and the whole seat folds then tumbles forward). Plus then the headrests wouldnt match the 3rd row headrests....... I was looking at these 2 monitors This one seems like it would be lighter and has the standard screen. This one is from HP, has the glass front, so I assume it will be dramatically heavy, but probably has a nicer display.

    Well the Sat TV is being shown via Slingbox. So I dont need a high quality HD type picture because Slingbox will never display at a high quality using a cellphone based internet connection. The video game systems I will have will look fine on the screen, I play sega and what not on a 17 inch display all the time, dont think it can look worse on a 20 inch.

    Regarding the brightness, cant I simply open the monitor and change the illuminating device with a weaker one?

    Yes 20 inch is large but I need large for certain apps. Sling box uses a remote display to give you the option to change channels and what not..... Anything smaller would cause them to have to strain thier eyes, I want to avoid that.... Also things like video games, I would think would be crappy on a small display.

    Also, I dont really have to mount it from the ceiling, I could always mount it from the floor!!! I think it would be cool to have a actuator, that when a button is pushed, the display rises up to eye level of the back seat passengers. When not in use push button again and it lowers down, that way it wont be so obvious.... Only issue I see is when some1 leans back to far they will hit monitor, unless I make the stand somehow tilt with the seat.

    I love creating ideas!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anymore comments or suggestions?

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