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Thread: Via NX15000EG Nano Audio headaches... Help...

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    Via NX15000EG Nano Audio headaches... Help...

    The via manual lists the following connectors. (they make you make your own cables with this board).

    2 +5V
    3 GND
    7 LINEIN_R
    8 LINEIN_L
    9 MICIN1_R
    10 MICIN1_L
    12 NC
    13 AGND
    14 AGND

    It seems that no matter which grounds I connect my cables to, I can either get Linein to work, or lineout. Not both at the same time, it's a ground issue, the problem is that the manal is all the information via provides anywhere I've seen. are you supposed to tie all grounds together???

    Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well that is for front panel audio.

    Why dont you just use the audio out on the back ports? You can only use 1 at a time.
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    not that easy.... nx15000eg and nx12000eg boards have no rear connections... everything is board headers... vga, audio, usb.... VIA kindly decided to not provide anything but usb and vid cables.

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