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Thread: rear cam viewing angle?

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    rear cam viewing angle?

    Im looking for a new rear cam for my car. I have a cam who look like these two, but do not know wjat it really is.

    How can i find out what the Viewing angle on my cam?

    What dos the Viewing angle means? what is 120 deegres?

    These two cameras looks like the one i have today.
    30-40 degrees

    120 degrees

    sorry bad english, thanks for answers.

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    The general consensus on the board is that you want a 120 degree angle and a CCD lens as opposed to CMOS.

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    If I understand correctly, you already have a camera and want to determine the viewing angle. Right?

    OK, attach your camera to a display and aim your cam into a certain point (e.g a title of a book on the shelf) that is exactly 1m from the cam, perpendicular.
    Now, at that level, approach an object (e.g a sheet of paper) toward this line. As the paper became visible on the side of the picture, take a sign. Measure the distance from the title. Now, you have a triangle, you know two perpendicular side, 1m and the x distance, then use your mathematical skills to compute the angle you interested in. Double the angle and that's it.

    Other method for stupid and lazy people: try to search any identification on the camera and use google.

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