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Thread: BMW iBUS integration issues

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    BMW iBUS integration issues

    so i've tried setting this up from researching endlessly here and hacktheibus but i still cant get my steering wheel controls working. i'm using reslers usb ibus interface, i've installed it correctly, but i can't cant any signals working, either by the button or by emulation.

    has anyone else had such issues, and/or have possible suggestions for what i could be doing wrong?

    your feedback is appreciated....thanks.

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    i've had this happened to me before.

    #1. did you install a new steering wheel with buttons?
    (if so, you probably didnt have buttons on your old steering wheel correct)
    if this is the case, you will need to make a harness connecting the wires coming from your new steering wheel to the LKM/LCM. There's a DIY somewhere on the internet. This happened to me about 2-3 years ago when i attempted to retrofit a steering wheel with buttons onto my E46. I was having trouble just like you until i found out myself that a wire harness must be created.

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    61 car is an 03.5 it came with the steering wheel controls.

    i haven't revisited this issue since my mobo is off for rma, but thanks for the input.

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