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Thread: TRENDnet TK-400 KVM - Stop the beeping!

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    TRENDnet TK-400 KVM - Stop the beeping!

    I bring the CarPC in the house often, so I needed a 4 port KVM to hook it up with the two PCs I already have at my desk. The TRENDnet TK-400 was cheap, and it came with cables. The only down side to the thing is that there are ports on all 4 sides, so there is no clean way to set it up on an already cluttered desk.

    It also emits an unnecessarily loud beep every time you change channels, and there is no keystroke/firmware way to disable it. My wife was gonna kill me if I sat up until 3AM switching back and forth one more time, so I had to take matters into my own hands.

    Below is a short step by step of how to open the KVM and "disable" the speaker inside. I was surprised at how easy it turned out to be.

    DISCLAIMER - I assume no responsibility if this does not work for you, or you end up destroying your KVM.

    There are only 4 screws holding the thing together, and none of them are placed under a label. They are all clearly visible in the corners from the bottom of the KVM. Once you remove those, the top and bottom plastic covers come off easily. There are no loose parts to worry about either. I love these guys.

    Once inside, the speaker is clearly identifiable in the bottom right corner. I decided to dismantle it from the top instead of desoldering it. The studs are large and I didn't want to melt any of the components nearby. I also didn't know what effect the change in circuit resistance would have.

    The speaker has a thin plastic outer case that can be removed carefully with a pair of needle nose pliers. Once the outer plastic is off, you can see the magnet and thin metal element. Using the needle nose pliers, remove the metal film first, then gently crush the magnet, leaving only the voice coil. Make sure you get all of the pieces of the magnet off the board.

    Put the thing back together and you should have a fully functional, and SILENT KVM.
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    Thanks a lot for that post !

    I had to bear that awful beeping noise for months, and couldn't work at
    night to not disturb the neighbours.

    I can't understand how come the people who designed the TK-400 at trendnet
    could not imagine a "disable beep" keystroke... did they assume their
    customers are fond of irritating repetitive noises ?

    Anyway, thanks to your tutorial, I was able to force my kvm to shut up.

    Best wishes.

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