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Thread: Upgrading M12000 to new mobo, need suggestions

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    Upgrading M12000 to new mobo, need suggestions

    My M120000 is getting installed in a rack mount enclosure for a work project and I have an opportunity to upgrade my car pc.

    What mini-ITX boards are available these days that will run 800x480 VGA and perhaps an Intel Core Duo? Will the J9F2-KHDE that MP3Car is selling do 800x480?


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    I am currently installing this motherboard (and have an extra new one to sell)
    I have Vista Ultimate 64 running on it....
    see this thread:

    Jetway J9F2-KHDE Help Please!

    and once it is in the car tonight (hopefully) I will re-read this damn long assed thread and hopefully figure out how to get 800x480 to work too:

    BTW, the only drivers I have been able to get to work are the default Windows WDDM drivers for the 945GM chipset... the new Jetway and the even newer Intel graphics drivers all physically *install* just fine, but I either go into a black screen during driver install, or when I re-boot.... And In safe mode the drivers report being installed correctly and everything, but I get no video... This could be related to my 2GB Geil memory issue (see the first thread), and I am waiting for a report back from Geil USA as we speak.
    Doesn't seem many people have this board yet, so be prepared to be a Guinea pig like me! So far though it is a nice well featured board, even has HDMI output, and on board sound is really CLEAN. Plays DVDs better than Nvdia Pure Video in my opinion, and that is with the stock 945GM WDDM drivers from vista ultimate. I am using a T7200 CPU btw.

    please let us know what you get, and contact me if you want this board I have, it is fine, I just didn't have good enough ram, and also at the wrong setting. I have the New unmolested box with all cables and software and manuals from the replacement board I got, ready to go. $185 shipped.

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