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Thread: VW Passat w/Monsoon - wire harness ??

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    VW Passat w/Monsoon - wire harness ??

    We're replacing the factory unit with Radio/CD/MP3 unit. The existing unit has a Monsoon amp and thus three rows of plugs that connect to it. Most wire harnesses have only two rows. Do we need something special? Or, do we use product code WHR-014 and ignore the extra row plug?

    Thanks for help (BTW it's a VW Passat 2001)


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    the third row can be a couple of things. it can be for a cd changer and therfore ignored or it can be the low-level inputs and remote turn-on for the amp. If you have brown, black and pink plugs, the pink is for the amp. if you have brown, black and blue/yellow/green plugs the third plug (the multi-colored) is for the factory cd changer and you can just leave it aside. the cars are generaly wired for a cd changer whether or not it's there. also the vw monsoonamp is a music sense amp, so you can just use the black and brown plugs and wire it up, when it senses music it will turn on the amp
    also there will usually be a pinout for the harnesses ontop of most vw/bmw/audi/mercedes factory radios

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    Thanks this was very helpful
    I'm helping a part time employee, so unit is not here now to ck coloring, but my memory is she has brown/black/tri color .. though can't remember the what tri colors were. Info on amp was helpful for I didn't know if I had to wire around it.
    Much appreciated!

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