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Thread: usb hd problems

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    usb hd problems

    I bought a 16-Foot USB 2.0 Active Extension, now my usb hd wont work with it. windows doesnt pick it up at all. i hooked up a usb memory card, it worked fine. any suggestions, how to fix this problem?

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    Is your USB drive USB powered? If so, it is likely your active extension only supports giving the port 500mA of power, as stated in the USB specification, and not the likley higher amount needed for your HD to spin up.

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    It is most likely the USB Drive (pocket size - small) is not getting enough power. Most USB 2.5" hard drives require around 1amp to function correctly. USB ports only allow 1A MAX.
    What is probably happening, is due to the long wire, there is a high resistance in the cable, which is most likely causing the voltage to drop. I would suggest getting a better USB extension cable that uses a better guage of wires, if not get a powered USB hub, attach a 5v PSU to it and it should theoretically be fine.

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