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Thread: Flash Drive configuration

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    Flash Drive configuration

    After much frustration, I'm found myself here asking another question...

    I installed windows on a laptop harddrive wanting to, in the end, copy the entire installation over to the flash drive.

    I have read about it and looked at how to do it and found a multitude of different ways. I tried to boot into MSDOS and copy, no luck--I couldn't seem to distinguish both drives in DOS. I attached both drives to my desktop and used the desktop's installation of windows to copy it over, no luck--it kept causing my PC to freeze up. I tried to use Norton Ghost, but when I attempted to copy the HDD contents, it said that the receiving drive (the flash drive (4GB)) is too small for the 3GB of data on the 30GB laptop drive to copy over.

    So, now I am here for suggestions--how do you guys get these darn flash drives up and running?

    Thanks for the help!

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    24 follow those directions its kinda lengthy but its the best way to do it. and also for that you have to have XP cd with sp2 on it if not use a program like nlite and embed sp2 by split streaming

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