Well I have been skulking around the forums reading and searching. I have googled until I thought my fingers and eyes were about to expire. So I shall post and see.

I have a MII10000 motherboard and I am wanting to add a TV tuner for an extra feature. I have an Ampie case and there is just no possibility to add a TV tuner without going the USB route (very heavy software burden) or PCMCIA. The only problem that I am seeing with the USB is all the resources that those little buggers seem to demand. So I was leaning towards using one of the cheap little PCMCIA tuner cards (like the ones found on ebay, and amazon for like $30-$70) So the question that I pose is this:

Has anyone with a VIA 1ghz MII10000 mainboard used one of these PCMCIA tuners? If so, to what result? I am not really interested in how it performed while moving (not too safe). If it has a FM tuner as well, how well does it perform?

I also have a question regarding the little USB tuners. I saw another thread about a Pinnacle USD HD TV tuner that comes with a little remote. When I went to the link about the tuner, it had some outrageous system requirements (like 1.2 GHZ P4 or better...) Has anyone used one of these USB tuners and had any worthwhile results?